The Consortium

FFD consortium is a just-right group covering all the required top level expertise and geographic coverage. It comprises of key technology providers, influential industry players, and a leading European Institute of Applied research. In summary, the partners include:

  • A leading European Institute (Fraunhofer IGD) as Coordinator. Fraunhofer IGD is responsible for the development of the key project innovation, namely the massively parallel simulation engine
  • Two CAD companies, i.e. ASSYST (apparel CAD) and SCOTCAD (fabric CAD) already offering state-of-the-art 3D Virtual Prototyping solutions. They will work together to bring about for the first time the integration of fabric and garment simulation, promising a drastic improvement in simulation accuracy (from yarn to garment),
  • ATC an ICT company with expertise in web integration based on the SOA model and extended experience in European RTD for the TCI, will develop a Collaborative Design and Prototyping Platform (CDP),

And finally two end-users with worldwide recognition in fashion, namely:

  • Fratteli-Piacenza- a prominent manufacturer of fine woollen fabrics, supplier of fabrics to all world-leading fashion brand manufacturers (Zegna, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermès among others), and
  • CONSITEX, the garment manufacturing member of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group, with worldwide recognition in high-end fashion (555 mono brand stores in the world).

The two end user companies, which have an already established business relationship of supplier-producer of end products, will integrate the innovative VP platform in their joint product development processes and will demonstrate/ evaluate its efficiency and impact. Piacenza will furthermore integrate an in-house developed web application for Collaborative 2D fabric design (lacking simulation facilities for the time being) to the VP platform, thus proving the FFD CDP platform concept (open, scalable and vendor- independent SaaS). The 3 technology providers (and Fraunhofer IGD) have strong exploitation interests for the project results.

The wide range of critical improvements in the whole Design and Prototyping flow (virtual complementing physical prototyping), will open up a wide range of highly promising exploitation opportunities (new packaged VP fabric and garment solutions, integrated fabric-garment design and VP offer, joint exploitation of the Software as a Service CDP platform).

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